Dirty talk

Dirty talk

In the past couple of weeks several men, mostly on OKC, asked me whether I enjoy dirty talk and would like to talk dirty with them.
I said no. Mostly, because it was their first message and a sex chat is not dirty talk to me.

But the fact is that I love dirty talk.
Dirty talk, for me, is hearing a man say those words. Not read them from some random guy. It´s needs to be someone who knows what he’s doing. What turn me on. What makes me wet.
I love hearing what he will do to me and how he will do it. Not just in bed. But also during a walk or while we are out somewhere.
Listening to his plans, getting aroused, knowing that he sees it in my eyes.

But it doesn’t have to be the spoken word, whispered to me or said put loud.
Getting a text or an email in which he tells me his thoughts is wonderful.

Dirty talk for me is more than a number of words which are considered dirty. It´s a game that is played with my mind. Hearing what will be done to me elevates me to a higher level, the anticipation keeps me there and when he finally does what he said he´ll do, the pleasure is so much bigger.

I enjoy it when a man is good with words, can how describe his actions with different words and knows which of these words have which effect on me.

I enjoy describing my desires, ideas and plans, but I found that I am too shy to say them out loud. Maybe one day it´ll change


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  1. I agree with SilverDrop, once you connect something magical happens and that shyness or uncomfortableness melts away. Though for me being a pervert from birth I have always tried to talk dirty…lol
    Great write, thanks for sharing

  2. Dirty talk – “It´s a game that is played with my mind”… besser kann man es nicht ausdrücken. Und wenn jemand zu dem Thema “zu schüchtern, um bestimmte Sachen laut sagen” etwas beitragen kann, dann ich. Aber ich bin besser geworden. Auch “aus Gründen”. 😉

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