Teasing – with a photo

Teasing – with a photo

Instead of writing about my thoughts on teasing I decided to simply tease you all a bit 🙂

When I was with my previous Dom, he used to call me “kitty” or “kitten”. Because, well, reasons.
This gave me and idea and I made a purchase, which I sadly wasn´t able to share with him. Or anyone.
So last night I decided to share and tease.

Enjoy! :*


*click on the photo for more teasing*

See who else is teasing



  1. Mike S

    Es heisst doch immer ” Das Dicke Ende kommt noch !” …doch in diesem Fall ist es eher das geile Ende.. und das ist dann erst der Anfang des Vergnügens 😉 ..well teased lady wonderful !

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