I made a mistake

I made a mistake

Since I became the submissive of the wonderful Captain I have been in a great mood. I wake up with a smile. Often finding a message waiting for me. Throughout the day we chat and talk on the phone and I always get a “good night” text. I am happy.
Since we spend a night together I am even more cheerful. Which seems to be weird to the people around me. I was actually asked why I am in such a good mood.

When the Captain and I talk it´s not only about D/s and kink. It´s about our day, our feelings. All kinds of things. I feel that I can be myself with him. And there lies the problem. I am a tease. I like to tease. But I can live with the consequences. Which often are spankings. Usually I also know when to stop and at which point the teasing becomes disrespect.

Last night I had a few drinks. There was vodka involved and other types of alcohol. Sir seemed to enjoy it. I become more open when I drink. I also am willing to do things I wouldn´t do, when sober. Simply because I don´t feel as embarrassed when drunk.
At some point I tweeted something regarding Sir and he replied to it.

He´s new to Twitter. He only joined it because of me and I like it. He told me that he wants to see what is in my head and Twitter is the perfect place for that. For him it´s more of a way to get to know me better than to share his thoughts with the world.

Most of the things I write are in English. So that tweet was in English too. And so was Sir´s answer. Now his English isn´t perfect. (not that mine is.)
He understands everything I write and can talk, but written English is different. And like with any language, if you don´t have the possibility to practice it, you forget some things.

So there was a mistake in his reply. Nothing bad, it was still understandable. But that was the moment I made a huge mistake. Somehow I decided that correcting him would be a great idea.
Of course it is. Jus because he´s the Dom doesn´t mean that he´s always right. And me being a sub doesn´t mean I can´t correct him. But there is a time and a place for such things.
Instead of DMing him and explaining what he did wrong in private, I RTed it and corrected him for all my followers to see. I believe I also used the word “sweetheart” in that tweet.
He played along and it seemed like nothing was wrong. But this morning, with a clear head, I saw my mistake.

One of his first messages was an instruction to look through what I wrote and think where I might have displeased him. It didn´t took long for me to figure it out and I wrote him an email, like he wanted me to, with also a proposal on what my punishment should be.
I offered to write public post about it and to spend time kneeling to be reminded of my place. He agreed to the writing part, but didn´t allow me to kneel. He said that I would need to earn the right to kneel again. (He knows me well, I do love to kneel.) So instead I was told to stand in the corner for ten minutes, thinking about him and telling myself that I shouldn´t be that rude to my Sir.

I am aware that what I did wrong was not the fact that I corrected him. But the way I did. No one enjoys it when his mistakes are shown publicly. I am not different. I find it hard enough to admit that I did something wrong to one person. It´s even worse when it´s potentially over a thousand.

I have been disrespectful. I am aware of that. But I am also sure that I have learned from this mistake.
So I will patiently wait for the Captain to forgive me.

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