Although this week´s prompt screams to me to post something naughty. Either a story about wetness or the fact how wet I can get or even just a picture. But instead I decided to write about something very innocent and very sweet.

Years ago, I used to go to summer camps as a counselor. I enjoyed doing that. I found it very rewarding and I always met nice and interesting people. Plus, I got to teach the kids something.
One summer, more than ten years ago, there were two things happening at the house we stayed in. There was a summer camp for kids and also a seminar for counselors-to-be. A lot of the participants there were around my age and we would sometimes hang out.
There was that one guy, who caught my eye. Very cute, intelligent, nice. We had friends in common, so we ended up hanging out with the same people and soon realised that we had quite a lot in common. As I said before, it was all very innocent. I´m not even sure we kissed, at all.
We started to spend more and more time together. Just the two of us. I remember how we went for a walk, in the middle of the night. It was warm, you could actually hear and smell the nature. And we walked and walked and talked the night away. Walking and holding hands.

During the day, when both of us had some time off, we met between the two houses we stayed it.

One day, the kids and the other counselors were having lunch and I had to get to the other house. As I was walking back, I saw him coming my way. Smiling at me. I walked towards him. We met in the middle, as always and started talking again.
In that moment little rain drops began to fall. It didn´t really mind. It was warm and they were really tiny. But within a few minutes the rain started to come down on us. Yet, neither of us moved. I noticed the rain, I heard other people calling us to get inside. But it all didn´t matter.
We stood there, smiling, talking, completely wet.

As much as it sounds like some silly Hollywood movie, it was one of the most perfect and romantic moments in my life.

See who else is getting wet:



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