When I read this week´s prompt a lot of things popped in my heads. There are some things I have already confessed to, on here. Other things I don´t plan on confessing. So it seemed like I have nothing to write about. Until I had a different idea.

As some of you might have read on Twitter, Sir is playing the lottery. And last week I got to choose the numbers. Six numbers between 1 and 49. The drawing of the numbers happens on Wednesday night and Saturday night. He told me that for every number I don´t get right, I will get a day without orgasm. So I prepared myself for 12 days without cumming. Luckily it turned out to be only ten days.
But because my Sir is a wonderful man, he decided that going for so long without any sexual in my life would be too harsh. So I was told to play with myself. Daily. And to get myself to almost cum. In one word: edging!

And he gave me another task to go with it. While I am edging and am so close, I should think about allowing myself to cum. What would be so bad? He wouldn´t know and I would have had an orgasm. What would stop me?

The moment I heard what I am supposed to do, there was a big “NO WAY” in my head. But I knew I that I would do what he asked of me. So for a split second, when I am really close, I think about just letting myself go and cum. But I can´t do it.
Of course I could do it. I wouldn´t need to confess it. He would never know. But if I do it once a line will be crossed. If I do it once, it´ll be easier for me to do again, with other tasks.
How do I know it? Because I did it before. Not with him, but with another Dom, who wasn´t local. I pretended to do tasks or only did a part of it, but said that I completed them. There is no way going back after that. Even if he doesn´t know. Something would change in me and I wouldn´t be able to serve him in the way that I serve him now.

Of course I could cum and tell him right away. Confess it. But I am too scared of the punishment. Too scared of the way he would react. Too scared of disappointing him. Again. On purpose.

Either way, one orgasm isn´t worth it. I know I will be allowed to have them again. I will be allowed to cum for him again. He will make me cum, he will order me to cum. My orgasms belong to him.
I learned it, I understood it and I know it now. There won´t be anything to confess.
In the end there will be a proud Sir and a very horny slut.

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