TMI – Naughty Fill-ins

TMI – Naughty Fill-ins

(Don’t just fill in the blanks, sex it up! Show us just how sexy, kinky, and dirty your minds can be.)

1. Right now I’m horny, because I have to edge daily. At least twice a day.
2. Tonight I’d like to be fucked in the ass, by my Sir.
3. Sir can do anything he wants to me anytime.
4. The best thing to happen to me in 2014 has been that I got to cuddle up in Sir´s lap. But greater things are yet to come this year.
5. Making my Sir proud is one of the best feelings in the world.
6. Sir reallyenjoys to hurt me.

Bonus: Post a photo that really turns you on and tell us why it does.

I have two pictures.


It turns me on, because these shoes were given to me by my Sir. And despite the fact that I HATE the colour, I love wearing them for him. He knows that it takes a lot from me to put them on. It makes him proud. And that turns me on.


He sent this photo to me a long time ago, when we talked about collars. One day I will wear his collar. And that is a huge turn on.


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