Changes, not wishes

Changes, not wishes

When I saw this weeks WickedWednesday theme I didn´t know whether I wanted to participate.
Three wishes. All kind of things came to my mind. Starting very selfish.
“I want that things with me and the Captain work out.”
Then something more basic.
And finally “World peace”

But I wasn´t happy with any of it, so I decided to wait another week. Until I started talking to a man online. About things he read on my blog. At some point in the conversation he asked me what I would change about myself, if I could.

That´s when I decided to participate after all. And instead of three wishes I will write a about three things I´d like to change. Three things I WISH to change, about myself.

1. I can be very organised at times. But then again on certain subjects or if not done immediately I am ver unorganised. I´d like to be efficient and organised in all the things I do.

2. I´d like to not get angry or upset as easily as I do. I´d like to control my anger, my swearing and my tears.

3. I want to be a better friend. But I guess that is something I am already working on.

Not sexy, but from deep inside me.


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