100 facts about me – re-done

100 facts about me – re-done

Due to a talk over coffee, I recently had, I have decided to re-do the 100 facts about me. The original version from March 2011 can be found here.
Let´s see how much has changed in the past 3 years…

1. My real name is not Lilly and nothing even close to it.

2. I lost my virginity a month before my 14th birthday.

3. I moved out of home, into another city, when I was 17.

4. When I was a teenager I thought that having a boyfriend was extremely important.

5. I have always been very interested in everything that has to do with sex.

6. I have two brothers and one sister.

7. All of them are older than me.

8. I had my first orgasm when I was about 10 or 11 years old.

9. The only pets I ever had were Goldfish.

10. I used to steal my brother’s porno magazines and look at them.

11. I am an attention whore. I really mean it.  I still like atention, but my self-confidence has improved, so that I find this fact to mot be true anymore.

12. It’s only been about two years that I learned how to make
myself cum just using my fingers. It obviously is not two years anymore. Fact remains hat I only learnd how to make myself cum when I was 24 years old.

13. Before that I would always use a teddy bear or a pillow.

14. I love stereotypes – although some of them are not true 😉

15. I used to play in a weekly series on TV.

16. I don’t watch TV. Not much anyway. I prefer to watch DVDs. Mostly because they are undubbed.

17. I ride my bike to work.

18. I don’t like Fridays. I am indifferent about Friday or any other day of he week.

19. I never had a three some, but I would love to have one. Either with two guys or a guy and a girl.

20. When a guy says “Good Girl” in the right context and the right way I melt and am willing to do almost anything for him.

21. I´m not a big fan of anal sex. (There I said it!)

22. I do love giving blowjobs and I think that I’m pretty good at it.

23. I enjoy being a brat and testing how far I can go.

24. I always try to be as nice as possible.

25. I believe in God.

26. I love good food.

27. I am very shy and blush very fast.

28. I enjoy getting tasks – from a my Dom.

29. Talk to my parents almost every second day on the phone.

30. Most women don’t like me. At least the ones in my vanilla world.

31. People in school used to call me a slut, usually when I wasn’t with anyone.

32. Looking back now, I think, I might have been kind of a slut.

33. I only came ones during intercourse, without any helping hand or toy.

34. I got my first vibe last summer. (aka 2010)

35. I am on the pill.

36. Knowing that people watch me while I cum is a big turn on for me.

37. I used to smoke.

38. I love men in suits.

39. I talk to myself.

40. When I feel secure in a group, I become the center of attention quickly.

41. My best friend for many years was a guy.

42. I hate being called “baby”.

43. I used to dye my hair red and stopped because my exDom didn’t like it. I should start it again.

44. I rather read a good book than watch a movie.

45. One of favourite books is “Veronica decides to die” by Paolo Coelho.

46. I love going out dancing.

47. There are a lot of kinky things I haven’t done and I hope one day that’ll change.

48. I believe that things happen for a reason and it takes time to see the big picture.

49. I’ve always liked older men, but I only recently realised it.

50. The biggest age difference I had with a guy was 14  more han 20 years.

51. I was born in Russia and grew up in Germany.

52. I enjoy being slapped.

53. I hate cleaning my flat.

54. I did my driver’s license when I was 21. (In Germany you can drive with 18)

55. I do lot of volunteer work.

56. For one night I worked for an escort service.

57. I enjoy flirting with men and am good at it, but I have no idea how to approach a woman.

58. I loooove coffee.

59. One wrong word and I might feel like a failure.

60. I get sunburned very easily.

61. I only use one kind of perfume.

62. There’s not one specific type of men I like. Althought I really seem to like the bald ones.

63. My favourite number is 6

64. I love doing my nails, when I have the time.

65. Sometimes I feel the urge to kiss a sweet girl.

66. I am very impatient.

67. I am in love with Johnny Depp. I always have been.

68. I wear my watch on my right hand althought I am right handed.

69. Having my feet tickled is a huge turn on.

70. I cannot be with a person who eats with his/her mouth open.

71. I love being spanked. *SURPRISE*

72. I don’t like the taste of chocolate.

73. I hate going shopping.

74. Playing with my earing calms me down.

75. I enjoy moments when everything is just quiet.

76. I always mix up “quiet” and “quite”.

77. I enjoy being a Daddy’s Girl from time to time.

78. I don’t have any Daddy issues and it frustrates me when people assume I’m into real incest.

79. I was born at 12 o’clock. Daytime.

80. I used to have a day in the week when I wouldn’t go online. I really want to start doing that again. I actually sarted doing that again.

81. I had a fire in my flat once.

82. I was a vegetarian for many years. And still now I eat meat very rarely.

83. I speak 3 languages and I understand 4(ish).

84. I am very happy I joined Twitter and I think I’m also happy about my blog.

85. British accent makes my pussy wet.

86. My favourite movie, besides “Dirty Dancing”, is “The Godfather”

87. I prefer to read erotica.

88. I find intelligence very sexy.

89. So far, I’m really enjoying my work. (New work, but enjoying tha too)

90. I love shoes.

91. Spring is my favourite time of year.

92. I love going for a walk after a summer rain. Or during it.

93. I am very romantic, but I never show it.

94. I cannot see myself being dommed by a woman.

95. Plants and me seem not to work. They all die.

96. I could day dream the day away.

97. I think that my English is better than that of most many Germans.

98. I like to put on make up and make myself pretty. But usually I’m too lazy for it.

99. I love cock.

100. Being called bad names by the right person makes me smile.

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