Dating – again

Dating – again

I hate dating!

That is pretty much all I need to say. But, as I am in a writing mood, I will elaborate.
I hate dating. Looking for someone, who has potential. Writing endless emails and messages, exchanging photos and ideas, finally getting to the point where both want to meet. Then meet and like each other.
Sounds about right and not too hard. Yeah, right.

Most of the men I write with, I never meet. Some don´t even get an answer to their first message.
It very much depends on my daily mood. Sometimes I am bored enough to start messaging with someone. But often I am too tired of idiots. So that I don´t answer at all or tell them where they can go.
“Doms” love a feisty sub. (Note the sarcasm…)

I mean, what happened to words like “hello”? Sometimes I wonder when I read what some men are writing. But I won´t bother you with that. Most have made the same experience. And you should simply follow me on Twitter to read about the “creme de la creme”…

In the case that he didn´t seem like a fool right away and I like what I read and how he writes (you have no idea how many mistakes one can make in only a few words), we start messaging. There are some things I like to clear right away. Does he live far away from me? What are his free times and do they work with mine? Is he looking for more or less the same as I am?
If any of those things aren´t the way I need them, I move on. As sad as it might be sometimes. But if there´s no possibility that we might meet on a regular basis then why waste each other´s time.
I´m realistic that way.

If that part work out we come to the next step. Which I find very critical. Photos are exchanged. I, myself, like to think that I am nice to look at. Of course I try to send a picture of me which shows me in a good light. But I also understand if I´m not someone´s type.
A lot of men are very sure of themselves and of their looks. Sadly, I don´t always agree.
I also don´t understand why people don´t use nice pics in their profile or to send to people.
I´m not a girl who is only interested in the looks. But I can´t be with someone who I don´t like to look at. The same as I can´t be with someone who looks amazing but is dumb.

So, in the past 2 months or so, a couple of men even made it so far that we met. Some I met, because I needed to attention at that time. Some I met because I was really interested.
There was one man. Very smart and nice. But the wounds from my relationship with the Captain were still to fresh (and I sometimes think, they still are). I even cried a but on one of our dates.
Some other disqualified themselves by only talking about how much they wanted to fuck me (after 2 minutes on the first date) or not talking.
There even was one who was on his way to become my new Dom. But then he proofed to not be as bright as I thought. And instead of submitting I´m not trying to not to deal with the drama that was caused by him.

Yet, here I am. Writing messages, exchanging photos, thinking about meeting some of the men.
Sometimes I get frustrated. Then I start to think that I will never ever find a caring Dom again. One who is as perfect – or even more – as the last one. Or I get close to stop being submissive. But I know myself well enough to know that I will come back to it. Again and again and again.

I hate dating. But not enough to rush into something.

I hate dating. Yet, I still do it…


  1. Gelesen. Spannend.

    Zu 52: Ohrfeigen? Demut, schön.

    Zu 61: Welchen Duft trägst

    Zu 68: ich trage die Uhr auch rechts. Warum du?

    Zu 71: intensiv? Bitte.

    Zu 88: lässt mich hoffen.

    Zu 100: : – )

    Weiter? Wie weiter?

    Dux Dom 63450 Hanau

  2. Andreas

    sehr ausdrucksstarke seite, da ich nicht weiss ob ausser dir das noch wer lesen kann, meine email siehst du sicher, bist mir in tinder aufgefallen: wenn du dich traust: meld dich,
    gruß aus wetzlar

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