TMI – Life

TMI – Life

1. We learn from our mistakes. What sex or sexual mistakes have you made and learned from, what was the lesson learned?

I´m sure I made a lot of mistakes and learned from them. And after thinking about thins question for half an hour I still can not come up with one example…

2. What risk (sexual or not) would you take if you knew you would not fail?

Being open about who I really am. If I knew that people wouldn´t judge me, that I wouldn´t get into any trouble, I´d be open about my desires, my wishes.

3. At what time in your life have you felt most passionate and alive?

When I write. Unfortunately I don´t do it often enough.

4. What one piece of advice about sex would you offer the virgin you?

“Do not fake orgasms!!! And demand them!!! This way the guys will learn something and you´ll have even more fun.”

5. What are you avoiding?

Cleaning and things which I should´ve done long ago. The longer I wait, the more I avoid doing them.

6. By what age should you know what you want to do with your life?

I believe that one always know, but life changes and so does the view and the goals in one´s life. So it´s a process, not a goal.

Bonus: Do you think you´ve experienced true intimacy in a relationship?

Yes. In several of my relationships. And not only in the sexual ones.

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  1. Cello

    I was reading the whole blog sounds like an interesting young lady
    Dom Guy in a suit from frankfurt wants to get in contact with you
    How is that possible ?
    Have incredible dreams …..

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