Old man winter – TMI

Old man winter – TMI


1. Where you live what is the current season?

It´s winter here.

2. Do you measure/report the weather temperature in Celsius or Fahrenheit?

I measure it in Celsius. I do use google to check what it´s in Fahrenheit, when I tweet about it.

3. Describe your ideal day of weather?

That depends on my mood.
Right now I´d love a snowy day, with sunshine. I love the view and the feeling when walking through new snow.
Or a warm summer day, right after it rained. I love the smell

4. When it is cold outside I want to:
a. Run outside naked because it is exhilarating.
b. Bundle up in warm clothes and take a winter walk.
c. Turn the heat up, stay indoors, hibernate until warm weather returns.
d. I do not pay attention to the weather.

5. Do you go “commando” in cold weather or in winter?

As I wear mostly skirts, I wouldn´t. I prefer not to get a bladder infection.

6. For 10,000 USD Would you rather ride a bike for one mile (1.6 km) in 7 degrees  F/ 14 degrees C weather  or jump naked into a freezing cold Alaskan lake in winter?

My first answer was the bike ride. Because 14 degrees Celsius isn´t that cold really. But now I realise that a minus was missing there. It should be -14 C.

Still, I take the bike ride.

7. What is your favorite piece of winter clothing?

My winter coat. It´s beautiful.
Oh, and gloves.

8. Have you ever worn Long Johns aka long underwear or thermal underwear?

Nope, don´t think so.

Bonus: Do you have more or less sex in the winter months vs. other times of year?

I don´t know. Never thought of it. I guess it depends on my partner, the mood. Not so much on the weather.

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