Bringing up the past – TMI

Bringing up the past – TMI

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1. What is the nickname a lover had for you that made you cringe?

I had an ex who, for a short period, called me “Cutie”. I hated that. Sounds weird.
The Captain used to call me “pretty”. First I enjoyed it. But soon started asking myself why I was “only” pretty not beautiful. (In my understanding “pretty” is something more superficial, where “beautiful” is also the inside of a person.)
I guess my explanation makes sense with the answer of question number 5.

2. Where do you most often toss or keep your excess change (coins)?

To be honest I don´t know what to answer. I guess I never had that problem or thought about it.

3. If someone wrote a book about your past lovers and past sex life, which category fits best:
a. Abnormal psychology book
b. Steamy romance novel
c. Sad sad story

Definitely A!

4. Some say sex is like driving. Pretend you are a car. Are you: rear, front or all-wheel drive?

I see myself as the driver 😉

5. What is it that you do daily that you would like to stop doing?

Question myself and the good things that happen to me.

6. What is the biggest lie you ever told to get someone into bed or the biggest lie you ever told in bed?

“I am totally into having you as a fuck-buddy and am not at all in love with you.”
I´m skipping the bonus question this week.

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