TMI Tuesday – TMI

TMI Tuesday – TMI

Finally, I remembered! Yay!

1. When was the last time someone you were talking to crossed the boundary into TMI? How did you handle it?

Actually that was yesterday. Over lunch. A very new friend tried to explain to me how to handle my relationship. She had been very open with hers and, I guess, thought it would be ok for her to tell me what she thought I should do.
I didn´t really say anything. I listened to her, smiled and switch the theme of the conversation.

2. When was the last time you were talking and realized you had crossed into TMI? How did the other person react? What did you do next?

Good question. I´m not sure. I assume I do it often enough without realising it.
If I do realise it, I apologise.

3. Which subject matter is mostly TMI to you, i.e. you don’t want to hear?
a. sex
b. medical treatment or history
c. bodily functions
d. icky food
e. finances
f. political opinions
e. other – tell us

Neither and all of the above. It really depends on who I am talking to.

4. Do you ever entice people into TMI, such as try to get them to share something that should be private?

I do. But mostly it´s because I assume something or have a feeling about it and I want to see whether I am right.

5. Do you enjoy swapping TMI tales–“I’ll tell you mine if you tell me yours?”

No. I do have a friend who does though. It makes me feel uncomfortable.

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