Yesterday I tweet the following tweet:

I feel the need to be stimulated. Sexually, intellectually and I wouldn’t mind if the guy doing that would be nice to look at.

That pretty much shows what I have been craving.
A man, who can spark my intellect, see the potential in my sexuallity and be nice to look at.
Or out into simple words. A man who knows how to fuck my mind and use my body.
For a moment I thought about adding “the right sense of humour”  to that list. But then I thought it’s something I can compromise on.
But after thinking about it I realised that it’s not. I can’t compromise on humour. Because it is important to me.
But I don’t need to point it out as a single thing itself. Humour is part of the intellect. At least for me.

It’s not about how many jokes one knows or how good he is at telling them.
It’s not about someone who is “hot because the majority think so.
Or about someone who read a lot of books and has an opinion on everything.

All im looking for is someone who challenges me to think and might have a different opinion on things. Someone I can have a discussion with.

A man who brings out the slot in me and still makes  me feel special.

Someone who I enjoy looking at. No matter whether it’s right in front on me, from far away or on a picture.
It’s not about obvious beauty. It’s about what my eyes, my heart and my brain find beautiful.

And there even is someone who is everything of what I mentioned.
He is beautiful in my eyes, he challenges my brain, makes me laugh and makes my body react to his words and actions.
But I do t know whether I am who and want he wants and needs right now.

So, here I am.
Wondering  and dreaming and craving.

Maybe I’m get lucky and craving will be heard soon.

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