TMI – languages

TMI – languages

1. Do you speak any languages other than English? (English first only because the blog is mostly in English.)

Yes, I speak three other languages.

2. If you answered yes above, would you describe yourself as fluent? Which was your first language?

I think of myself as fluent in two languages. In my first language, which I spoke (and still speak) with my parents, I´m doing ok, but am not fluent.
My fourth language needs much more practising.

3. Did you study a foreign language in school (including college or University)? How much do you remember? Has it been useful to you? Can you speak it, or only read it?

I studied a bunch of them in school. English, French, Latin. English is the only one I still use.
Latin has been useful to understand other languages, but I don´t really remember anything. I think I am more of a “learning by speaking” kind of person than one who learns from school and textbooks.

4. If you were going to learn another language, which one would you want to study?

I would love to learn more languages. But to be honest, I´m not sure which ones.

5. Do you have relatives who speak a language different from your own?

I think my brother learned Polish at some point. But with all my other relatives I have at least one of my languages in common.

6. Have you been to a country where you don´t know the language? How well did you cope?

This happens every now and then, as I live in Europe. Depends really on where you go. Little villages in Italy and Spain, for example. People only speak Italian or Spanish. Same is true for all of France 😉
I try to use my hands much more and usually people understand the main things.

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