I´m back… ish

I´m back… ish

Let´s catch up. A lot happened since I´ve wrote my last post.To be honest, my previous few posts weren´t the best I´ve written. Taking a break was the right thing to do. I didn´t expect it to be such a long break, but I wasn´t feeling it.

Why am I back? I have no idea. It took me a while to remember my Twitter password, as well as my Email password and also my login for my blog.
Slowly, but surely I noticed the craving coming back. To talk to my tweeps, to write and maybe even to play. Who would´ve thought?!

So, where am I now?
Remember my neighbor? I wouldn´t say that it ended badly. It didn´t even really have an end. At some point he simply stopped communicating. And at some (later) point, I stopped caring. He needed me for a while, and then he didn´t. It´s as simple as that. I still see him around every once in a while. I say hello, but that´s it. There are no nice feelings involved, but also no bad ones. He became someone I used to know…

And then there was the Captain. There definitely are still feelings and there always will be. We don´t talk much, but he always remembers my birthday and I remember his. It was a strong bond. Maybe that is the reason, why I needed a break – a long one.

That´s pretty much it for me and my adventures. Till now.

I started a new job, in 2015. I quit that job and started a new one in 2017.
Now I get to do something I really enjoy, with amazing colleagues. I get paid to research and write.

But who cares about my job, when there are more interesting things to write about. D/s…

So, I also logged on to a German BDSM dating site. I had a profile there for years now, but wasn´t active. As I logged on, people could see that I was active and messages started to arrive. I have already tweeted about those messages. Some weren´t that bad actually. But most messages were awful.

“Woman, introduce yourself!” – Yes, that´ll make me want to submit to you.

“According to your profile I´m perfect for you.” – No, just no.

Those who were ok, live hours away.

And then there was that one guy. Not sure what it was that stood out.
He treated me like a normal human being and invited me out for ice cream to see whether there´s chemistry.
So there is this guy, who is decent looking, knows how to use grammar, isn´t pushy, has a real job, live around the corner (figuratively speaking). Something must be wrong, right?!

This morning we moved from messaging on said website to email. It´s going really slow and I think I am enjoying it.

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