Update on being back

Update on being back

Time for an update on my mischiefs.
As I stated in my previous post, I am back and also looking to maybe find a new Dom/Sir/Master.

I´m not sure what I was expecting though. Just because I haven´t dated in years, it doesn´t mean anything changed. But that is not true. Something did change. Not the majority of men online.
But I changed. I feel calmer, less afraid to miss out and not tolerant enough to take as much BS as I used to do.
Getting older is nice that way.

So, there was that one guy, about whom I already wrote. We exchanged emails and actually met for ice cream. Maybe even a bit more than that. As we parted that evening, he still didn´t ask for my phone number and only next day emailed wondering whether I got home alright.
There were some emails after that, hours apart. But at some point I told him that we won´t meet again.

I remember how my first Dom, and some him, would tell me that I´m an attention whore. But at some point I understood that it wasn´t true. I´ve learned that I need a lot of interaction – calls, texts, emails. If time allows it, of course.

If you´re not able to give me that, it´s ok. But then it´s time to move on.

Luckily the internet is full of men who want to communicate with a nice red ass (like the one in several of my profile pictures).
And I started talking to other men. And actually hit it off with the one or the other.
There was one guy, who lives a bit further than I would prefer, but I thought I´d give it a shot. And after a while we moved from the website to chatting via phone and even talked on the phone.
My dear Twitter friends followed that encounter.
Today, a week later, we stopped talking. Well, I decided to stop it. It didn´t work out, in my eyes.
Of course it is all my fault, I am the only one to blame here and I misunderstood everything he did. *Sarcasm off*


It showed me that it´s works well for me to have rules for myself and the person I communicate BEFORE we meet in person.

One thing I learned or was reminded of: I need to listen to my intuition more carefully.

So, off I am!
Let´s see what else is out there 😉

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