Love is love, is everything to me…

Love is love, is everything to me…

…or so the lyrics go. Is it really though? Welcome to TMI Tuesday.

1. Love is made of many components. What are your top three components of love?

1. Trust
2. Respect

3. Being able to laugh about the same stupid things 

2. For you what is good sex, and what is great sex?

Good sex has passion and wanting each other. Lust.
But great sex has a connection, knowing the person you´re having sex with. What makes the other and yourself want more, what makes them excited.
Great sex is when you´re done and the connection doesn´t fade away, but gets even stronger.

3. In long-term unions do you:
a. expect love to grow over time as the union unfolds?
b. need to have immediate attraction, infatuation, and feelings or excitement in order to enter into a long-term union?

I expect there to be attraction and excitment in the beginning. But love is something that grows, but also something that needs work and taking care of.

4. You are away on your dream vacation…
– Are you alone or with someone? Who?

I´d love to have a vacation on my own, again.

– Do you want to have a hookup with a sexy stranger? Is the sexy stranger female, male, gender-fluid, bi-gender, transgender?

Right now I´m not interested in a hookup. I´d prefer something real and deep.

– Would you rather spend all day doing your favorite vacation activity OR spend all night having kinky sex?

Kinky sex!!!!

5. Is hot, steamy, all your wildest fantasies come true sex more likely to happen with your current lover or a sexy, no-strings attached stranger?

My fanaties need to happen with someone I trust, so I need it to happen with a lover, not a sexy stranger.

Bonus: Describe your hot, steamy all your wildest fantasies come true sex?

Here´s one good example:

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