Do I Dare?

Do I Dare?

Lilly was sitting at her desk, looking at the screen. Her fingers on the keyboard. Would she dare?

The morning had gone by quickly. All the work, which has been piling up while she took a couple of days off, needed to be dealt with.

For days she had been working and it seemed to not have an end. She tried her best not to be disturbed by her colleagues and personal phone call. But she couldn’t make herself turn off that one messanger on her computer. Every time there was a new message, a small window would appear at the bottom right screen and inform her.

She didn’t respond to the messages, except the ones, which were work related.

And his. She couldn’t help it. Each time she saw his name, she smiled, opened his message and read it. It was only possible for her to go back to work, after she answered. On the one hand she didn’t want to make him wait. On the other hand, answering him meant that he would reply in return.

Just like the days before, the messages were going back and forth. They were talking about the day, each other’s plans, random things. And then it happened.

For days he had been teasing her. Every time she complimented him for something or simply mentioned that she thought that something he did was nice or good, he’d say: “You almost said ‘Good boy’.”

She knew she didn’t even think it. She did tease and might even be a brat, but she couldn’t imagine herself saying “good boy” to her Sir. That would’ve been one step too far.

But every time he suggested that it was what she wanted to say, she got more curious. What would happen, if she did? How mad would he get? Would she be able to get away with it?

She here she was. Sitting at her desk, staring at her screen, fingers on the keyboard.

He had explained something to her and she had typed: ‘Good boy.’

Would she dare to press ‘enter’? Did she really want it? Was it worth it?

So Lilly sat there, bit her lower lip and took a deep breath. She didn’t want to upset him, even if he knew that she was simply teasing.

But then again, she was curious what would happen, how he would react. Would he react at all? Would her actions have consequences? Often enough they didn’t. But that was in the past and not with him.

Lilly looked at the screen, her hands on the keyboard and she dated and pressed ‘enter’.

The message was send, received and read. And even before he responded, she realised that sending this message was indeed a step too far.

It truly was out of character.

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