How To Be a Good Girl

How To Be a Good Girl

I was shopping the other day. And while looking for something specific, I also looked at shirts with funny prints. As the Christmas season is upon us, there were several with Christmas themed print.
One shirt specifically caught my eye:

Dear Santa, define Good Girl

I laughed at it for quite some time and am still smiling when thinking back.
As a result of that shirt, my laughter and the talk I had at that moment on the phone, I am asking myself:

What is a “Good Girl”?

While in my understanding a good girl in the normal sense is a girl or even woman, who behaves the way society thinks she should behave.
Do, what is expected of her.
Calm, quiet even.
All the things we think of, when we hear the word “well-behaved”

Where is the difference to a kinky good girl?

Am I not too expected to do as I´m told, be patient, polite?

Well, yes, but also no.
As it might be true for some. I always found that by being a good girl for my Sir, I was allowed to do more than society allowed me in RL.
I can be a good girl my completing my tasks, which sometimes make me a “bad girl”.
I can be a good girl by doing very naughty things.
But I can also be a good girl by kneeling in front of my Sir, lowering my eyes and be patient and polite.

For me, there is not one definition what a “Good Girl” is or is supposed to be.
Each of us can define what it means for ourselves.

This way I can be a good girl, a bad girl. Sometimes both things at the same time.
And this is the way I love being a Good Girl!

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