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Love It!

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I always had a special love for rituals and ceremonies. I think that explains a lot of choices I have made in my life.

But I also find that one doesn’t have to look for ceremonies. I think that life is full of ceremonies. Big ones and little ones. Either it’s big things as graduations, weddings, or even religious things. But also little things, which might not seem like a ceremony to everyone else, only to oneself.

I have learned that ceremonies keep me grounded in a way. Although each one is different, they always follow a pattern. One knows what to expect to happen next. And I found that for me to be very important.

So I have this little ceremonies and rituals throughout the day. For example, I walk into the office, open the window, turn on the computer – it’s my way of arriving.

What I love about D/s is that one can have so many ceremonies.

Being collared the first time is usually a ceremony. But so are daily things. Texting “good night” and “good morning”, asking for permission to do something specific.

I love those little every-day-ceremonies. They help me stay connected, feel connected, be connected. They also give my day a certain structure and remind me of my place, my role, my submission.

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  1. I am such a big fan of „everyday ritual“ and that’s honestly a lot of what got me into D/s – structure and meaning are things we all need but some of us crave it more than others.

  2. You’re so right about how there are little ceremonies in life generally. I think people don’t do well without rituals either. We all have them. We all need that kind of structure, familiarity in our lives to feel a little at peace.

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