The Flight

The Flight

“Have a safe trip slut. Oh, and by the way, I’ve a couple of alarms in your phone to keep you occupied during your journey.”

That was the last message I read before I had to switch my phone to plane mode. My heart beat faster and I wasn’t able to listen to whatever the stewardess was saying.

I switched the music on and dosed off as the plane was taking off. My head was at the business trip I was taking and going over my schedule. The seat belt signs came off. Suddenly my train of thought was interrupted by my phones alarm.

“Go to the bathroom now! Take off your panties and take picture with them in your mouth. You won’t be needing them for the rest of the day.”

I got up and went to the bathroom to do just as I was told. When I took off my panties I could see how wet my panties were just from that one task. I took the picture and went back to my seat, tucking the panties away in my bag, which was beneath the seat in front of me.

15 minutes later, just as I was watching the steward and stewardesses giving out drinks and wondering what to get, another alarm.

“When they ask you which drink you’d like, ask for a glass of red wine. Also tell them you’re cold, so you’ll get a blanket. You will need it.”

I snuggled under the blanket and sipped my wine. There was no way that my mind would allow me to think about work now. I kept waiting for the next alarm. Scared what, might cone next. Excited, what might come next.

Another 15 minutes passed, before my phone peeped again.

“Do it! Cum! At your seat. Don’t disappoint me. If you don’t cum within the next 5 minutes, you will have a long time of not cumming.”

I never did well with cumming under pre. But also the idea of cumming while on my seat on the plane, made my mind race.

I covered most of my body with the blanket and pulled my legs on the seat, hoping that no one would realise that my hands wondered off to explore and play with my extremely wet cunt. I closed my eyes, thought about the night before, your hands on my body. Using me, exploring me, enjoying me. I could hear your words in my head and kept circling my clit. To my own surprise I felt my orgasm budding up and had to bite my lip, not to moan.

Just as I was enjoying the moments after my orgasm, another alarm.

“I knew you wouldn’t disappoint me. Good girl! Now, go to the bathroom again. Take a picture of your wet little cunt. And take your plug with you. Use your wetness as lube and put it in. As soon as you land, I expect all the pictures. Including the one of the plug.”

I knew I only had little time before we were about to land. So I got my plug and made my way to the bathroom. In there I took the pic, used as much of my own wetness as I could on the plug and inserted it slowly. And took another picture and rushed back to my seat.

As the plane landed and I was able to turn my phone back from flight mode, I received a text from you, even before sending you the pics.

“Good girl! I am so very proud of you!”


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