Multi-tasking With a Toy

Multi-tasking With a Toy

Yesterday I finally received a package. I have been waiting for that package for a week. I was very excited and had to really pull myself together not to open it right away, after picking it up. But then again, opening it up at the office with my colleagues around me, probably not the best idea.

When I finally got home, I opened it and found a beautiful new toy.

I couldn’t resist. So I took it for a test drive and it felt so wonderful.

And with that toy, I got to multitask. I have to admit, not the easiest thing to do.

Playing with one’s clit while fucking yourself.

Having a video call while fucking yourself.

And finally, taking a pic while fucking oneself. And getting horny.

Here is my new toy. Click on the image to see me multi-task:

Look who else is multi-tasking:


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