Today I tweeted: “I think I would like some face slapping now.”

That probably was the result of me looking at naughty pic and GIFs. But looking at those things is not what creates the craving. It’s what makes it clear to me. I see a pic and think “Yes, I want that too”.

So, as I tweeted my craving, Michael kindly pointed out that it’s just about 10 more days till I get that. And much more.

In a bit more than a week, I will get to experience so many things that I have been craving for again. For months.

I know I got to play with several men this year. But it’s not the same. Often enough it was not about what I was craving, but what the man in question wanted. And my need to serve and please and satisfy (and make proud) was so overwhelming that I forgot about myself.

I want face slapping.

I want spanking.

I want hair pulling.

I want to kneel.

I want to be called names.

I want to be spit on.

I want to be punished.

I want to hear that I’m a good girl.

I want to be used.

I want to serve.

I want to be covered and filled with cum.

I want to be choked.

I want to be fucked.

I want to be owned.

I know that in about a week, I will get all the things that I crave for. All I have been dreaming, fantasising about.

The best part is that it’s not what he was craving for. It’s not what I have been craving for.

It’s what both of us are craving for.

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