New – TMI

New – TMI

1. What’s new with you?

My life is taking an interesting turn. But I think I will need one more week to answer that question.

2. What do most people get wrong about you?

I think people get wrong that I actually am a very shy person.

Oh, and of course most RL people could not imagine me being a submissive little slut 😉

3. Who in your past would you like to have sex with again?

Hm, maybe F, but we had it this year.
There was also another guy, with whom I had my MMF threesome. But I did that this year as well.
There is another guy. He was really good, but that would complicate things.
Or the one I actually had an orgasm with, without having my clit touched.

I think, I need to stop thinking about that question….

4. What do you always have time for?

Family, friends, a good book, good food, wine.

5. What is it about you that a lot of people comment on?

It used to be my eyes.
But now? I think it´s the work I do, especially the volunteer work.

Bonus: Who has completely lost your respect?

I think this list would be longer than question number 3….


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