Up until I read the explanation to this week’s prompt, I had no idea that there was a different understanding to the word “advent”. I guess I never thought about it.

For me it was always connected to the weeks before Christmas and it never played any role in my life.

I didn’t know about the idea of Advent until I moved to Germany and I haven’t celebrated Christmas in more than 20 years.

Learning the meaning of the word advent opened a different possibility for this week’s post.

The advent of something means that it’s finally here, that it has finally arrived.

Monday was finally here. Monday I was on a plane to the UK. To meet Michael in person. To see what we thought we knew, felt, wanted, and needed.

Up until the moment I got off the plane and was on my way to the border patrol I was pretty calm. But suddenly I realised that my hands were shaking and my heart was beating way faster. I was getting nervous and I loved it.

So I made my way through the border patrol, checked where the suitcases would come out and it seemed like forever for them to come. There was mine and the only thing left now was to make my way outside to finally meet him.

I’m not going to lie to you. There was a brief moment before I left home when I asked myself what I was doing. Whether this was really what I wanted and needed. Not him in particular, but having another D/s relationship.

And as I was walking towards the exit of an airport in England, I had to stop for a second to realise there was no way back. Meaning that at some point I had to step outside and couldn’t stay in the area where the baggage arrived.

I continued walking and there he was and I smiled and I was overwhelmed. By the tiny little panic attack I had seconds before, by him actually being there, by him kissing me. It took me until we got to the place we stayed, to feel the way I felt in the past weeks and months.

And then came the moment. I was in front of him, offering myself to him and he accepted. The I became his.

So here I am, at the advent of a relationship, which I never thought would happen.

See who else is in the advent of something:


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