48 Hours

48 Hours

As I have written before, I was planning to go and meet Michael. I have written about being scared and about my feelings on the day I traveled and arrived.

And as I had mentioned before, I was overwhelmed. That keeps happening quite a lot when it comes to him.


As I stepped outside the security part of the airport, he was the second person I saw. He was standing there, smiling and I had to smile back. We found each other and even though it took me a while, it felt good to be with him. It felt like something that came naturally.

Although I have to admit I’m really not one for public affection. Interesting because as a teenager I was all over my boyfriends. And now I even find holding hands weird.


Several weeks before my visit, he had me start a ritual. Every morning I was to kneel and offer myself to him. Whenever possible I would send him a video or audio message of it. If neither worked, I simply sent a text.

I couldn’t wait to do it in person and couldn’t stop smiling as I finally kneeled before him, offering myself and my submission to him and hear him accept and promise to treasure it.


As much as I love the idea of being collared and wearing a collar as a sign of belonging to my Dom, it’s not something that can be done in my everyday life.

I have had “every day collars” before, but it never felt quite right. I’m simply not a necklace person and it’s rare that wear one.

We had talked about that before and I knew that he had found a solution. So one of the first things he did, when we were by ourselves, was to take out a cute little box and present me with a bracelet.

A beautiful bracelet which only opens with a key that he wears around his neck.

As he put it on, I realised how much I have been longing to be collared and owned again.


As mentioned before, he has a system where I get points for not doing tasks, misbehaving and things of that kind.

So I had a few points to work off and the method of choice was spanks. I received as many spanks as points, except one. So I would come back to work that one off too.

Never fear! I am in the process of collecting more points.

Spanking, Paddling, Bruising

Besides the punishment spanking, I got to experience a variety of different implements. Some of which left wonderful bruises on different parts of my body.

If you’d like to read his thoughts on bruises, which are pretty much like mine, you can do that here.


I love cock.

I love his cock!

I love feeling it inside me. I love sucking it! I love playing with it! I love how it reacts to me and especially how it reacts when I call him “Daddy”.


One of the best parts within those 48 hours was that there was more than just spanking, fucking, hurting. There were so many talks and so much fun. I laughed a lot. So much actually that I had sore muscles from laughing.


I had one scary moment. Towards the end, he had me kneel on the bed and was working on marking my right ass cheek, when I suddenly felt very dizzy. I pushed his hand away and simply said stop and explained that I wasn’t feeling well.

I assume it were several things coming together. But the way he reacted, showed me that I am in good hands. There was no disappointment, only concern for me and my wellbeing. He took me in his arms, caressed me, made sure I was feeling alright again. For as long as it took.


I had my first orgasm pretty much right after we finally got our room. It was part of a reward for a task well done.

There is that thing Michael does with him fingers and another thing he does with his tongue – both are fucking amazing.

Two (or three) orgasms on the first night were followed by a number of orgasms during the following day. At some point I was lying in bed and realised that I had lost count of the orgasms I had. The orgasms he had given me.


We had talked about the concept of safewords before and I chose a safeword that has a meaning the both of us. I had told Michael during one of our talks that it takes me a long time to use my safeword and I try to not use it, for some reason. He spent a great deal of time actually teaching and training me to use the safeword and make me understand that it’s not a bad thing.

I guess it was only the beginning and a lot more training will go into that.


Thinking back, I was naked pretty much the whole time. Except for the moments he forced me to get dressed to get food….

I have always been pretty self-conscious about being naked, my naked body. But for these 48 hours it didn’t seem to matter. I didn’t care, because I felt good about myself. I felt safe. I felt accepted. I felt admired.


He kept telling me how beautiful I am.

It’s not that I find myself not attractive, but I wouldn’t call myself “drop dead” gorgeous either.

So every time he would say it, I’d roll my eyes or apparently have a look of disbelief. Maybe I need the acceptance, that for him (and for myself) I truly am beautiful and all the other things he keeps telling me, spanked into me. In any case there is a lot more training required.


There was that moment where I think I was cuddled up in his arms, my thoughts somewhere and he looked at me and told me to stop obsessing.

He does know me well, but at that moment, I was not obsessing, not scared, not having any bad thoughts.

The bad thoughts came later. One when we were on our way to the airport. I had no idea where it came from and it went away as soon as it appeared.

The other one was on Saturday. And I know that it had no reason or grounds. But it made me upset enough to share it with him and talk about it.


I knew that my subdrop is pretty much like clockwork, at least in the beginning of a D/s relationship. Two days after playing, I drop. It’s been like that before I took a break from D/s and it has been like that since I came back. So we talked about it and I was ready to drop hard on Friday. Maybe it was circumstances and incidents that happen during Thursday and Friday, but I didn’t drop. Not even a little bit.

Maybe it had nothing to do with anything in RL. I prefer to think that he and I are so familiar and close already that I don’t drop, because I know he’s there and will always be there.

And Now

And now we wait and count days again, till we get to be together.

Until then, there will be a lot of texts, calls, video calls, emails and whatnot.

Until then I will definitely be naughty and that is going to be very nice!

Are who else is being naughty or nice:


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