Present Number 3

Present Number 3

Every year I get fed up with Christmas and Christmassy things somewhere in November. Especially as I never really celebrate it. So this year I decided to do something a bit different for a “Christmas” post.

It was getting dark outside as Lilly heard the keys turn in the lock. She prepared everything as she always did and had been waiting patiently for her Sir to come home.

He stepped in, closed the door, took off his coat and shoes and stepped into the living room. The lights were dimmed and she was sitting near the window.

He smiled as he saw her. How beautiful she was, even if she wouldn’t admit it to herself. As he instructed, she was wear the lingerie he gave to her the night before. Her hair was in a ponytail, her smile made him feel at home.

He stepped up to her and gave her a kiss, before looking at the candles near the window. Three candles for him, three candles for her. And a forth one to light them. It was December 24th after all.

As they lit the candles, he took her in his arms, gave her a kiss on her head and took in her scent.

“You’re such a good girl. Now off you go to the bedroom. I have special gift for you today.” While she left the room to do as she was told, he took a little bag out of a drawer. It had been waiting there for some weeks.

He stepped into to bedroom to find her sitting on the bed, waiting for instructions. He smiled: “Good girl. Now take off those clothes. It would be a shame to ruin them.”

“Yes, Sir”, she complied and took off her bra and thong.

“Here, wear that”, he said as he handed her a blindfold “and get on the bed already.”

Lilly could hear him walk around the room and noticed the familiar sound of cuffs even before she felt he applying them to her wrists and ankles and fixed them to the bed. She felt his weight on the bed, as he kneeled next to her, and she shivered feeling his breath on her body, as he kissed her breasts and stomach and caressed her.

Not being able to see anything made her pay more attention to the sounds in the bedroom. She could hear him take off his clothes, taking his time with that. She heard him looking for something in a bag. She could even hear him smile. And suddenly there was a noise she wasn’t sure off. A click. She wasn’t sure whether she heard it at all. But then there was that smell. Was it the candles in the living room?

While she was trying to figure out what it was, she suddenly felt something on her stomach that made her jump.

“Hush, little slut. You’re not going anywhere.” It was true, she was cuffed and blindfolded. There was nothing left to do than take whatever he had planned.

Again she felt that same happen, now on her right breast. It felt like drops, but wasn’t water. It was hot, but cooled down within moments.

And another drop.

And another.

It took another three drops for her to understand that it was hot wax dripping onto her body, covering it.

She felt the sensation, the feeling of the hot wax meeting her cool skin, the cooling down and hardening of the wax.

Just as she realised what it made to her body, he reached down and placed his fingers on her cunt. As if he’d knew what she was thinking, he said with a pretend surprise: “Oh, look at that! Somebody seems to like that. You want some more, my little slut?” And dripped wax on both her nipples, as he rubbed her clit.

He took his time, covering her tits, stomach, thighs with wax. Enjoying her wiggles and moans and paying attention to where it seemed to hurt just a little bit more. Her moans became louder as he dripped the wax closer and closer to her cunt. Yet, it made her even more wet and she knew he could see that.

She was desperate to feel him inside her. He laughed again: “Not yet, little slut. I’ll fuck you whenever I feel like it.”

He chuckled every time he found another place on her body to drip the wax on. Up until the moment she didn’t feel more dripping and noticed that smell candles have when they are blown out. She felt him above her, moving towards her head and automatically she opened her mouth. That made him smile.

His hard cock slid into her mouth. “Say thank you for today’s gift, my good little slut”, he moaned as he fucked her mouth. “Such a talented mouth. And so eager to please and say thank you!”

She felt his cock harden a bit more, moments before he came.

He took off her blindfold, looked at her, smiled, gave her a kiss and said: “Happy Chanukka little slut! Are you excited for the next five presents?”

Happy Chanukka!

Happy Christmas!

Happy days off work!

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