Bruises and Coffee

Bruises and Coffee

It’s been two weeks since I visited England and my last bruise is fading.

Before I my journey, Michael and I talked a lot about bruises and his wish to mark me. And my wish to be marked by him.

As I happen to be very pale, every time an implement used on me it leaves a mark. Even if it’s “only” a hand. It doesn’t need to be very hard. It touches me and there a red imprint.

Bruises are a different thing. Some parts of my body bruise easily. Like my thights for example. Others seem to be really hard to bruise.

The best example would be my ass. It can be spanked and spanked and get a very nice shade of red (just like my Twitter pic), but after a while it gets back to normal.

So Michael spend a lot of time spanking and using a variety of implements. He paid a lot of attention to my left cheek and after 24 hours there was a nice bruise, which would hurt when it was touched or I when I sat on it. I was very happy.

But the right cheek was neglected and so for the little time left, Michael did some work on that one. Not nearly as much as on the other before.

I left with his marks and was happy. But after a few days I noticed the bruises fading and to my surprise it was the bruise on the left that faded fast. All the time and effort put into bruising seemed to not have the same effect as on the right now.

It’s been two weeks now and there’s no proof of a mark ever excisting on one side of my bottom.

The other other side is fading, but still visible and I love looking at it and touching it.

Last night Michael asked me what I would do to show him my submission and dedication. And the first thing that popped into my head was serving him coffee in the morning. Preparing the coffee the way he likes him, bringing it to him, offering it to him. Kneeling or not.

How are those two things related?

I have found that it’s not the big (romantic) gestures you do in a relationship, or even friendship, that actually mean something. It’s not the presents, the promises that make it work and show how much somebody means to me or how much I mean to him.

It’s the little things. It’s saying “drive safe”. It’s noticing details and paying attention to them.

It’s serving coffee.

It’s not all the hours that were spent on bruising and marking my left bottom cheek. It’s the routine that was already there and the wish to do the same to the right one.

So I find the symbol that the bruise on the right side is fading so much slower simply wonderful.

And because you all read so patiently, here’s a little thank you from my fading bruise.

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