The Shower

The Shower

The idea of taking a shower together is really nice. Standing together in a small space, having hot water run down on both of you, exploring each other. Sigh!

In reality I found that showering together isn’t as much fun as I’d imagined. You stand there, naked, slowly getting cold. At least one of you.

Also sex in water was never much fun. As funny as it sounds, I usually was very dry.

Same is true for taking a bath together.

Taking a shower is something I enjoy. I really do. The hot water, getting clean, washing my hair, shaving. If I take all the time in the world I can be in the shower for up to 5 minutes… At least for me it feels like an eternity.

I’ve only experienced it twice, but talking a shower with my Dom is different.

Once I was told: “Wash me!” And I did. I put soap all over his body and then washed it all off.

During my visit with Michael, as I was taking a shower with him, I took the shower head and washed the soap off.

(Me being proactive again.)

It felt right and I enjoyed it a lot. And it stayed on my mind. I kept thinking back to it, remembering it, smiling.

The other day I asked on Twitter:

I’m not sure why, but I really enjoy washing my Dom when we’re in the shower together.

I always did.

Any ideas? Attempts to explain?

And as answers came in, I also talked to Michael about it and the answer was quite clear. It’s about serving.

I remember him asking me whether I see myself as a service sub (he might have used a different name). And I want sure. I don’t think I ever asked myself that question and thinking about it.

Do I enjoy to serve?

Sure I do. I enjoy making my Dom feel good and have him use me in all kinds of ways he wishes to. Pleasuring him gives me a lot of pleasure.

But the shower part is something different. It is sexual and non-sexual at the same time.

Running my soapy hands over his body, making sure it is all washed away. It is sensual.

I assume I would also enjoy doing it in a relationship that is not D/s, but I never did it and I can’t remember that it was done to me.

It is a way of showing him that I care about him. That I take care for him. How I feel about him.

I can’t wait to take a shower together again.


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