Tell me about… Pain

Tell me about… Pain

I have a love-hate relationship with pain, when it comes to D/s. I love it and I hate it.

I clearly remember the first time I got a spanking and how much it aroused me.

I remember the cane which broke while it was used on me.

I remember the squeezing of my thigh, while I was stuck in traffic with the Dom I was with back then

I remember the pain I had to inflict myself as a punishment during a LDR.

I remember the moment right when the pain stops. Not sure how to describe that.

Those are all pleasent memories.

I also remember the pain that was inflicted on my nipples, where I am extremely sensitive.

I remember the pain I received from the sadist I saw last summer.

I remember the pain of the belt on my back, my sides.

I remember the moment when I thought and knew I couldn’t go on and he still continued.

Not so pleasent memories.

Pain works for me in a healthy D/s relationship. It gives me pleasure. And seeing how much pleasure it gives my partner to inflict pain on me, gives me pleasure as well.

Pain also works for me as a punishment. It can be cathartic really. Knowing that I receive pain because of misbehaving or not following the rules. And once the punishment is given and all pain is received all is forgiven.

What I find to be the best part about pain?

When pain is inflicted, it often leaves marks. And those marks stay with me for a while. And then I get to caress the marks, press them and remember.

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  1. I really like the fact that you have included so many different types of pain. I understand pain working in a healthy D/s relationship for you and think I am the same. I do find it hard to let go and go with it as my tendency is to try to harness and control it, but it is always interesting to read about how it works for others. Thank you for writing for Tell Me About.

    I wasn’t able to edit the link you had to the party so I have added a new one. None of the comments were showing on the other version as we must have been caught between you moving sites. I am loving your new look by the way. missy 😊

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