Who has the time…

Who has the time…

I love my job. I really do. I am so glad to be working here. Of course there are times and days when it´s not much fun. But all in all I love it. It´s close to home, my colleagues are wonderful and so are my bosses. I started with being in charge with one project and am now running several. Each of them makes me happy, frustrates me at times, but is perfect for me.

I love doing all the things I do besides work. I am quite busy with volunteer work and free lancing and the many small projects I get to be a part of.

Now add the home to the mix. Things need to be done and taken care of there as well.

So, recently I got sick. Nothing serious really. Just a cold. But I was not able to get anything done. Even thinking was not that easy at times. For about two and a half weeks I was forced to stay at home and pretty much do nothing. I spent the time doing just a little bit of work, working on my blog, reading, watching movies. One of the upsides of those weeks was that I got to spend a huge amount of time with my Sir.

Why am I telling you all these things?

Because I know why I got sick. I do a lot of things and I wouldn´t have it any other way. I get more things done, when I actually have a lot to do. But while I was home on my couch, I realised that I do need to plan all my activities differently.

I haven´t been feeling well since October I think, but who has the time to be sick, when there are so many things to do and take care of.

The past few weeks have taught me how important it is that I take time for myself. It doesn´t mean that I need to stop doing all the things I do, but sometimes I simply need to stop, take a break and maybe ask someone else for help.

Starting this year, I have decided to make a plan of all the projects and activities.

Instead of asking myself “Who has the time…” to take a break, slow down or simply take a vacation, I will make the time!

Look how others manage their time:


  1. We make time for the things that matter, so our schedules really are indicative of our priorities. Putting our self care near the top is imperative for the rest to run smoothly.

    I live a similar life and am definitely more productive and happier when busy, but I have to intersperse busy times with down time to offset the stress…or my body makes me with illness, too.

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