Clingy and Cheesy and Lovely Silly

Clingy and Cheesy and Lovely Silly

I am a very emotional person. I won’t always show it, but the emotions are there. A constant companion. But not only when it comes to me. Emotional support, showing someone how important they are to me – all that comes natural to me.

I love giving. I really do. Sometimes I give more than I should. Sometimes I give more than I can. In friendship, with acquaintances, lovers. In D/s too.

My experience with most Doms I’ve been with, was that I had more to give than they wanted or needed.

On the other hand, I met at least one Dom who needed so much that I felt like all I did was giving. With him I even felt that I was always doing the aftercare – while receiving none.

I know that I need to give. That’s who I am. It seems to be part of my personality, part of me. Giving without asking for something in return.

So when I saw the following by @dollypet, I had to retweet, bevause it made perfect sense to me:

Doms need reassurance too. Praise the fuck out of them, remind them you love them, work on their well being as they work on yours. Let them be clingy and cheesy and lovely silly. It never goes one way, don’t let them doubt your feelings for a single second.

But to be honest, I do need something in return. I have learned not to demand it, because I wouldn’t get it anyway. Yet, deep down I know that at some point I need someone who can give me all the love, attention and positive feelings, that I need.

As said above: It doesn’t go one way. Just like any other relationship, D/s is too about giving and receiving and support and – if you’re lucky – love.

So now I’m learning that I actually do have that. He gives me so much, but also allows me to give him all I have, be thankful, love him and care for him. And this is just as important.

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