Why I Should be Allowed to Orgasm

Why I Should be Allowed to Orgasm

There are so many reasons why I should be allowed to have an orgasm. It´s hard to decide where to start.

So, I did some reading up on orgasms in general. Did you know, there are a bunch of health reason, why I should orgasm?

  • Orgasms work wonders against stress. Not only do orgasms make one happy, they also help to release stress and let one forget problems for a while. Orgasms take us to a different level, where daily life doesn’t´t exist for that moment.
  • An orgasm is good for the immune system. And you do want a healthy sub, don’t you Sir?
  • The menstrual cycle is more regular when one has orgasms more often. Even you, who doesn’t care whether I am on my period or not, has to admit it´s a good thing. I am calmer when I know what to expect and when to expect it. Me being calm means I can concentrate on other, more important things. Like you.
  • The hormones which our bodies are flooded with during an orgasm, are the same ones that make us sleep better. That might be also a good reason for orgasms before bed time.
  • During the orgasm we are deeply connected with our body. We stop worrying about all those sill things we worry about. We become more confident and happier about ourselves and your bodies. You don’t want me to be full of self-doubt. You want a strong, confident to serve you.
  • Orgasms are good for the heart.
  • Apparently orgasms make people look younger. Maybe that is the secret of all those people who look much younger than they really are.
  • Did you know that a big part of the brain is activated during an orgasm? An active brain is a good thing, if you like your sub, to be a person, who is able to use her brain.
  • We all know that orgasms make people happy. Smiles appear on faces of people who just had an orgasm. Don’t you love it when I smile?
  • Luckily, I have migraines rarely, but it has been proven that orgasms make migraines easier Maybe that is the reason why I don´t really have them. In any case, I´d prefer to do anything to not have another migraine again, because they are very painful and it´s not the kind of pain either of us enjoys.
  • All those health benefits mean that through having orgasms life is prolonged. Allowing me to orgasm means you are making sure that we´ll have many more years to spend together.
  • And because this reason is right on the point: Muscles which might be tense are relaxed. This is especially good when one has back pain. Better than my miracle pill.

Besides all that, there is another reaction I have noticed, connected to my orgasms or really the absence of them.

In the past I have noticed that the more orgasms I have, the more I want them and everything that is connected to them. I am more of a sexual person, when I get to cum. I want more sex, I want more play, I want more of those wonderful dirty things, which we like so much.
But when I was denied orgasms for a longer period, I began to be less and less interested in having them. And not only in my own orgasms, but also in pleasing my Sir.

I do like pleasing you and I would hate it, if I wasn’t interested in that anymore, because I wasn’t allowed to have orgasms.

Of course, there are also more personal reasons for me to cum. Personal for you.

I am very well aware that each of my orgasms belong to you and it´s up to you to allow or deny them. But me having an orgasm is not just about me and my pleasure. My orgasms are connected to you.

In my opinion, you should allow me to orgasm, because you love seeing and hearing me cum. Imagine saying “Cum for me, my little slut”. It makes you smile, doesn’t it?
You love my post-orgasm hair and the look in my eyes.

Every time I orgasm, I get to say “Thank you Daddy”. No matter whether I’m with you or by myself.
When we are together and I say it out loud, or even when we are on the phone, your reaction to those words is wonderful.
But you can only hear those words and I only get to say those words, with that special satisfaction in my voice, when I cum.
I have also noticed that every time I get to say those words, they bind me closer to you.

I should be allowed to orgasm, because you love me.

May I have an orgasm, Sir?


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