TMI – D/s

TMI – D/s

1. In a D/s relationship (dominance and submission) , what do you enjoy most?

The connections, the control, the trust, the depth.

2. What do you want people to know most about D/s relationships?

They are all different and one has to find the right one for himself/herself. But once you find it, it’s amazing.

3. For you, does D/s need to have a sadist and masochist component?

No. I never seen myself as a masochist and I wouldn´t be happy with a sadist. Although a bit of torture and teasing can be nice.

4. For you, does BDSM have to involve sex?

Yes! Because it arouses me. But D/s is not just sex for me. It is so much more. Sex is only part of it. But a part I don´t want to miss.

5. If you are in a D/s relationship, why do you need it?

For several years I thought I didn’t need it. I was ok with that. But it’s an urge, deep inside me. It’s hard to describe. All I know, I don’t want and I can’t live without D/s. Something important would be missing.

Bonus:   What is the relationship between trust and vulnerability?

Of course there is. When I trust someone, I open up to that person and that makes me vulnerable. Also, when I show someone my vulnerability it’s means, I trust them.

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