I want to tell you about something I’ve experienced for the first time.

I have had phone sex a couple of times in my life. It was pretty much my first steps into sexuality. My first contract with men (yes , I say men) and a their desires.

Then came the internet and naughty chats happened. It took a few more years until I had video chats. I’m not sure, but I think one of the first video chats I had was with my first Dom. All I wanted was to see him, but it might be that some naughty things on my part happened back then.

Fast forward to today.

I have had more than one naughty video call in my life. I love the idea of being watched while I play so with myself. Listening to him comment or say naughty things, his plans what he might do to me.

I have taken a few videos of myself cumming. As a task or a tease. Men seem to like it.

I have had many “masturdates”. Calls which left both of us satisfied.

The idea that a man is stroking his cock while taking to me, is very hot. What is even hotter is knowing that I am reason he reaches an orgasm.

What could be better?

The other day, as Michael and I were having a video chat, he told me to cum. He wanted to see it. So I positioned my phone in a way that he had a good view of my pussy and the show began. We’ve done that before.

Once I had an orgasm, I brought the camera back to a position where he could see my face and I could see him. Suddenly he moved his phone and showed me his cock. Nothing new really. I love seeing his cock. Especially when it’s hard and I’m the reason.

But he wasn’t just giving me a little glimpse. The camera stayed on his cock, as he began to stroke it with his other hand. I was fascinated.

I realised at that moment that I have never seen a man masturbate. I knew they did. I heard as they were doing it. But I have never watched.

While he was playing with himself, I found my fingers reaching down again, circling my clit, wetness spreading. Watching him aroused me. Seeing him getting faster, hearing him breath, witnessing his orgasm…

Up until that moment I had no idea how much I would like that, no idea I would like it at all. I don’t know why I find watching him so hot and honestly, I don’t care much for the why. But I do look forward to watching him again and again and again.

Just the idea of watching him back then and watching him again arouses me and I can tell you now that for certain that this post will result in an orgasm for me.

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