Better, Because of You

Better, Because of You

I am a better person today than I was yesterday. And yesterday I was a better person than I was the day before. I like to think that I learn from every experience, from every day, from every person who comes into my life – no matter how long they stay. There are people who forced me to grow, helped me to be better, were there when I became who I am today.

First I thought about including ALL the people who played a role in making me the person I am. But then I decided to simply stick to D/s – I’m sure my parents would appreciate that.


He was my first. Dom that is. Through him I learnt that the things I craved had names. My fantasies weren’t weird. I was lucky to have met him, even if he could not give me what I really needed. But he introduced me to quite a few things and all that in a safe setting. He was also the one to introduce me to Twitter and through that to the bloging world.
I know I am a submissive and little one, because of Paul. (Couple other things as well.)


Although it never was D/s, more friends with benefits – or better yet, benefits with a bit of friendship. But I will always be grateful to him for explaining “sub drop” to me. None of the men before him did. And many after him also couldn´t understand the concept.
I could´ve singled out any other man for this post, but for me understanding the “sub drop” was such a huge, important thing, that it makes him special.
I am more kind to myself and understand myself better, because of David.

All the many, many men I’ve been with

I will not even try to count the men. But as I said before many times, I learnt from any encounter I had. Sometimes it were things about me and my submission. In other times it were new limits. And every now and then it was understanding what I can and cannot tolerate.
I am more experienced, because of the men I´ve been with.

My Twitter friends

Oh, I am so thankful for my wonderful Twitter friends. Throughout the years, there were so many talks, communications, discussions. A few I even met offline. With a few others I exchanged long emails. And a bunch I simply admired from afar and learnt. They helped Lillith become an actual, real part of me.
I am Lillith, because of my Twitter friends.

The Captain

There always be a special place for him in my heart and my mind. He was exactly what I needed at that time and maybe even before. He showed me a D/s, which I had never thought I would be lucky enough to experience. The deep connection, the exchanges, the bonding we had was what I needed. Our time made me see that it is ok to want and need the things I want and need.
I am happier, because of the Captain.


He is teaching me that D/s and romance, beatings and mushiness, strictness and love are connected. He accepts all my weirdness and makes me feel perfect. My needs don´t scare him away, but feed his needs.
I am whole, because I am his.

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  1. Mysticlez

    Lovely post and a great way to see things. I’ve always said no matter how bad an experience there is always some good to pull from it and no matter if good or bad there is always something to learn.

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