Romance and all that stuff

Romance and all that stuff

Growing up I was really romantic. I would dream the day away. Not that I was waiting for my knight in shining armour, but I wished for romantic gestures and words. Then life happened and there was not much place for much romance. Receiving or giving. Why waste romance on someone whoยดs not interested?

And then life happened again. My Knight arrived – without shining armour. So I am allowing myself to have romance in my life again.

Here’s a sweet post from me. I apologise as that is not what you all are used to from me.

I’m thankful

I’m thankful for having him in my life. I’m thankful for all the smiles he gives me. I’m thankful for everything he teaches me. I’m thankful for him.

I like

I like that I can be open with him. I like that he accepts me the way I am, every aspect of my life. I like his voice. I like to hear his smile as he talks. I like him.

I adore

I adore our conversations. I adore our exchanges on Twitter. I adore his mind. I adore his humour. I adore him.

I admire

I admire his thirst for knowledge. I admire him for the life he has lead so far. I admire his dominance. I admire him.

I appreciate

I appreciate his patience. I appreciate the way he deals with our every-day situation. I appreciate his help and guidance. I appreciate him.

I love.

I love the discussions we have. I love that I get to tease him and am teased back. I love his laugh when I make a joke. I love his questions when it comes to things he doesn’t know, but wants to understand. I love him.

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  1. Everyone wants someone who feels this way about them, and everyone hope one day to hear it. It’s sweet to say these things, and sweeter still to share your feelings about him with all of us. You are lucky to have this time in life together, and cataloging your reasons for gratitude is the perfect way to celebrate!

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