Love Letter

Love Letter

Oh, writing love letters used to be a specialty of mine. I even wrote love letters for my friends. The last one I wrote – in a very long time – was a couple of months ago. To Michael. And it is being treasured and kept safe and read over and over again.


You are an amazing person!

There is so much passion, love, sarcasm, joy, laughter, emotion and compassion in you. People are happy to have you around and in their lives. Your smile makes the day brighter and your humour makes every conversation enjoyable.

The crazy ideas you sometimes have, are always a surprise. You go out of your way to help others. Sometimes you give so much that it seems there’s nothing left for yourself.

Whenever you face a situation that seems challenging, you find a way to deal with it and make the best of it. You stay calm, have the same influence on people around you and manage to even smile and sometimes laugh.

You get up in front a group of people and start talking. You’re not afraid to speak your mind and stand by your opinion.
You enjoy teaching and listening and be helpful in any way possible.

And then there’s that other side of you. So quiet, calm, thoughtful. You get lost in your thoughts and words. When you sit at your desk, writing an article or work on another blogpost, then you are lost in your own world and everything that happens around you fades.

You are intelligent, beautiful, amazing!

Lilly, I love you.


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