Can you believe it?

Can you believe it?

As I write this, I’m sitting on the bed, he’s on the bed as well, trying to make the movie work.

We have spend over 24 hours together and have about 24 more to go. My bottom is sore and bruised and I’m happy.

Rewind to last year.

I remembered my Twitter password and was happy to see that I didn’t lose all my followers after several years of absence and some of my Twitter friends were still active.

I was ready to look for a new Dom. I was craving to submit, to serve, to kneel. And while chatting and dating and making bad decisions is fun, it’s more fun when you can share that with friends. As my vanilla friends might not understand, I knew, I could rely on my Twitter friends.

I was sharing my weird and not so weird encounters. At the same time I was catching up on what was happening in everybody else’s lives. Starting conversations, replying, liking. You know, doing the Twitter thing.

I was active on a specific German D/s dating site and looking there to find the Dom of my dreams. Or in more realistic terms: Looking for a Dom who isn’t an idiot, likes the same things as I do, accepts me the way I am and of course is close by.

It was frustrating at times. Starting a conversation, getting to know someone, realising he’s not what I was looking for. And starting the whole thing all over again. And again. And again. Yet, there was that hope. I had to find him. I could not stop believing that one perfect (for me) Dom was out there. I couldn’t stop believing, because I needed to believe.

What was it that made me open the Twitter app that day on that exact time? No one knows.

What was it that made me reply to that one tweet? Maybe being a nice person.

What made him react and start a conversation with me? A total mystery to me. It’s not like we had been close and friends.

Fast forward almost 6 months later.

Here I am. Looking at him, smiling, being happy. Being his, being used, being loved.

What are the chances? Can you believe that?

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