The Candle

The Candle

Remember the world about 5 weeks ago? You know, when there still was school and working at the office and maybe even toilet paper and pasta to buy?

Remember how we still were able to travel and didn’t need to sit at home and wait for all of this to pass?

Remember when I was in Paris? Sharing wonderful days with Sir? Exploring the city, hunting for breakfast, laughing, getting bruised. But those weren’t the only things we did.

Before we both began our journey to meet in Paris, we had talked about what we’d like to do and try. In one of those conversations he asked me to tweet what I wanted him to bring. Of course I got greedy and I named more than one thing. One of those was a candle. Not just a regular candle, but one for wax play. I had been curious about wax play for a long time. Years really. But I never had the chance to experience it. Needless to say, Sir was happy to help me with that new experience.

So after a good spanking, my bottom was nice and warm and red, he lit the candle and started dropping the hot wax on said bottom.

It stung. I didn’t expect it to sting that much. I wiggled and I wonder whether that was because he was dripping the hot wax on my sore bottom or because that is just the way it feels. I enjoyed it. The heat, the cooling down, the heat again. But it was painful.

After a while he started removing the wax and once he was done, I was told to turn around.

When I realised that he was planning to now work on my breasts I got scared. My breasts, especially my nipples, are extremely sensitive. So much that for a while I had nipple play as a hard limit.

If the wax burned and hurt that much on my ass, how much worse would it be on my nipples. But I decided to be brave and took a deep breath. The first drip of hot wax hit right on the nipple. Slowly he worked his way on the nipple, around it, making sure it was nicely covered in wonderful pink wax.

And it did hurt. But it was a very different kind of hurting. Very, very different. It wasn’t long until I realised how wet my cunt was getting. With every drop, I got wetter and more aroused. I closed my eyes and enjoyed that amazing new sensation.

Why didn’t I experience that before?

But more importantly: When will I experience it again?

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  1. I’m glad your first experience with wax play was positive and you enjoyed it!

    It’s nice when you have things you can look forward to, you know, when the world resumes normal activity again.

    Thank you for sharing with Tell Me About.

    I hope you stay safe,


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