Tsk Tsk

Tsk Tsk

Inspired by true events, many, many years ago.

I rang the bell and was buzzed in right away. He knew I was coming, as they were texting all the way since she left the office. I was on a great mood and that led me into trouble. I had been very cheeky and the word “brat” was used by him to describe me that day.

As I walked up the stairs, I was pretty sure that punishment was awaiting me. And I was not disappointed. He opened the door and I could see that specific smile on his face. He had something in mind and was excited to find out.

He led me into the apartment and pretty soon I was being undressed by him. “I think we leave the bra and thong on, for now”, he said. That is how I stood in front of him. Wearing only my underwear, looking up to fim and wonder what it was that he had planned.

“It seems you were testing your boundries today. And as much as I enjoy your cheekiness, I think it’s time to teach you a lesson. Now, what should I do with a naughty girl like you? Do you have any suggestions?”
He paused and looked at me. Was he really waiting for me to anwser that?

“A spanking, Sir?”

He laughed: “I’m trying to punish you, not reward you.”
“Well, it was forth a try and you did ask me”, I asnwered with that bratty tone in my voice and regretted it right away.

“You know what is done with girls who misbehave?” This time I knew better than to respond.
“They are taught a lesson. And as you seem not to be aware of your behaviour, I think it is time for you to think about it. Any idea what the best place for that is?”
“Over your lap, Sir?”
“You can’t help yourself, can you?” I shook my head and smiled.

“Follow me”, he said, as he made his way to the corridor and reclined against one of the walls. “Here is the perfect place for you to think.”
I looked at him and had no idea what he was talking about. Was I supposed to kneel down here and think?
“Are you telling me that you were never punished that way?” he asked surprised. “Of course, a corner would be much better… Come over here and face the wall.” I did as instructed, stepped up to him and turned to the wall. “Now move closer to the wall. I want your nose to touch the wall.”
He pushed me gently towards the wall. “And the hands behind your back. And don’t move, but that goes without saying.”

I stood there. My house touching the cold wall, my eyes looking at the wall, my hands behind my back. I could hear him enter the bedroom and coming back. Behind me was a dresser. The dresser where he kept a lot of his toys and kinky equipment. I heard him open one of the drawers. What was he taking out? I did not dare to look.

Again he left me standing there alone. This time he went to the living room. Not knowing what he was doing drove me crazy. After what seemed forever he reappeared. “Have you learnt your lesson?”
“Yes, Sir”, I nodded. He took a deep sigh: “It seems you haven’t. Do you understand what the instruction of not moving mean?”
“Yes, Sir, I do.”
“Why did you nod then?” I walked right into that one.

“Let’s make it easier for you to remember.” Somehow I doubted that whatever would come now, would make the situation any easier for me.
“Move your head a bit back. Yes, just like that. So, you do know how to follow instrustions.” His hand came up in front of my face. In his hand he was holding a battery. “Now, slowly and carefully move back. To help you not move, you will need to make sure that the battery doesn’t fall. Understood?”
“Yes Sir”, I answered without moving my head.

Again he left me standing there, while he seemed to go on with his day, as if I wasn’t there.
After an eternity he returned and I almost lost the battery when he touched my arms. I felt rope around my arms. He was tying them together, behind my back. When they were in a position he liked, he finally spoke again.

“Do you remember what you suggestion was, when I asked you how to punish you? Welll, I thought about it. And I have to admit, it’s great idea. A spanking will help you remember. Now, what are your instructions?”

“I am not to move and not to drop the battery, Sir.”
“Indeed.” I could hear the smile on his face. The next moment the paddle hit my bottom. I did not expect that.

I closed my eyes even before I heard the battery landing on the floor.

“Tsk, tsk…” was all I heard before the next hit of the paddle.

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