She finds her calling

She finds her calling

“Come here fuckhole!”

She looked up. “Yes, Sir!”, she said, as she got up and made her way to him, to kneel in front of him.
As she lowered her head and waited for further instructions, she smiled at the path that led her here.

She always knew she liked D/s. And she was fully aware of her role as a submissive. Dominant men had entered her life. Some stayed just a week, others a while longer. But with none of them did she ever felt the fulfilment that she was feeling now.

During the first date they had, she realised he was different. In a good way. He made her laugh and think, but it took him only a moment to switch to his dominant side and she was fascinated by how she reacted to that. He had captured her, her mind, her submission.

Since then they haven been exploring ideas, kinks, and some of the things they came across were very new for her. Some were scary, others she never dreamt about.
A few weeks ago, as they were sitting on the couch, he turned to her and said: “We will try out something new. Things will change. It will take time, but I am very sure that this is exactly what you need. And more importantly, it’s what I want.”

From that moment thigs indeed changed.

It started with him calling her “fuckhole”, whenever addressing her. Just as he did now, when he called her over.

His grip on the leash attached to her collar made her snap back into the present. She lifted her head and looked up to him. He smiled. She had gotten pretty good at anticipating what he wanted. Within a minute his trousers were open and she was putting her mouth to good use.
Again her mind began slipping into her past experiences and the last few weeks.

How didn’t she see it before? It suddenly was so clear to her. Ever since the first cock she sucked, she enjoyed it greatly. She had noticed how hot and wet a cock in her mouth made her. But she always assumed that is was simply something she liked.
It was similar with her enjoying sex. Or at least that was what she thought. Sure the sex was nice. But it wasn’t only the act of fucking that counted. What really got to her was knowing that she was giving pleasure to the man she was with.

Her mouth was sliding up and down his cock, nibbling, licking, enjoying.

Yes, that is what she was made for. The idea of serving him with every part of her body, made her actually happy. She never would’ve thought so. Better yet, she never would’ve allowed herself to think something like that.
But there was no denying it. She had become his fuckhole. To be used in any way he desired and whenever he desired.

She felt his cock stiffen. She knew it meant he was about to cum and use her mouth to reward her.

Knowing that she had finally found her calling filled her with more pride than she had ever felt in her life.

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