Being Daddy’s Girl

Being Daddy’s Girl

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“What does your nick mean?” I’m pretty sure that was one of my first questions I asked, after he approached me on Second Life. I don’t rememer what his exact name was, but it had the words “Dom” and “Daddy” in them. And that is how I met my first Dom.

By then I had already began to understand D/s, but I’m not going to lie to you, seeing the word “Daddy” creeped me out.
Little did I know.
Maybe my preferance for older men should’ve been an indicator…
Who would’ve thought that I would actually enjoy being a Daddy’s Girl and even find it arousing?

I had struggled with it for a while, but learning about DD/lg helped me understand and also see the differences and many nuances.

What I often came across was that I was actually asked whether I had any desire to have sex with my father. I went through many feelings when dealling with questions like that.
Anger, annoyance, impatience.

Every now and then I would take time to explain. But I have often found that once somebody’s mind was already set onto incest or anything similiar, it was almost impossible to make them understand.
Even with my followers on Twitter. Not too long ago I asked whether I should write a D/s or a DD/lg story. And I was surprised by how many didn’t want a DD/lg story.

As with many things, I don’t need others to also be into the same things I am, but I want them to be tolerant enough to be open and ask questions. Through those questions and exchange I would hope that at least an understanding would happen.

I’m not a fulltime little one. I’m not into pink, fluffy, sparkly things. Not saying that it is bad in any way, it’s just not me. I don’t think I would enjoy being in a relationship with someone who is a DaddyDom all the time.
But every now and then the comfort that I get as a Daddy’s Girl is different from anything else. It allows me to be vulnerable, to allow him to take care of me.
Yes, D/s also gives me a way to leave daily responsibilities behind and not be in charge. But it is still different.

For me my realtionship with Daddy is softer than D/s. It’s a whole other level.
I can imagine it to be similiar to someone who is into petplay.

And while I am open about DD/lg, yes, the taboo aspect of it, can be very arousing. Just like teacher/school girl or any other “taboo” sexual encounter.

Here you can read Michael’s (aka Daddy) thoughts on DD/lg here.

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  1. I do struggle with intense “little” “Daddy” posts. That is because I was sexually abused by my father as a child and I even though I am well aware that does not come into play in any way with this type of relationship I cannot stop where my mind goes. However, I do see that as my problem and feel people should mostly be able to write what they want. I always appreciate the CW – as this give me the chance to make a decision as to whether or not I want to read. Saying all that I am always very open to posts like this that explain what it is all about. Purple Gem wrote a brilliant one a while ago.
    Thank you for linking up to F4T

    1. Lillith

      Reading your comment madey heart go out.
      And most of all, I feel that I need to tell you (although you know it) it is NOT IN ANY WAY IS YOUR PROBLEM!
      I understand what you are saying and am sorry in case I caused any bad feelings, memories and am sorry I did.

  2. I know what you mean, i am open with close friends and family about my DDlg relationship – I sometimes forget to switch out “Daddy” for his name if i’m talking about him or asking him something in-front of them so they get it but i have been asked so many questions about wither that means i have a deep need to have sex with my father.

    That’s just sick and if after i explain how the DDlg dynamic actually works and they still have issues, then i feel that’s their problem and not mine. I know what is happening in my relationship and i’m happy so i don’t really care if they judge it.

    S xx

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