You can do my dishes any time!

You can do my dishes any time!

There’s no denying and I will out myself. I am that “very dirty girl” Molly is referring to in the introduction of this Kink of the Week.

But here’s the twist. The kink for me is not that I, as the submissive, do the dishes or other chores around the house. No! It’s all about him doing that.

Let me explain.
It all started in Paris
We were lucky enough to find a Airbnb that also had a kitchen. So we used that to cook, both of us. And when the time came, we also did the dishes. At one point I found myself sitting at the table and watching Michael wash up. It wasn’t that I was doing something else and happened to look at him or that my mind wondered off, while my eyes were on him, Nope. I was watching him wash the plates and the coffee mugs and clean the sink and the water that splashed during the dish washing.
He noticed me observing him and was very amused.

So again, please let me explain.
I am a horrible housekeeper. Sure there is worse, but I suck at it. I never was good with keeping my room clean or putting things away after using them. Oh, the fights I had because of that with men and roommates. Dusting, cleaning, mopping the floors – getting myself to do that is a daily struggle.

But there are things I like to do. I remember that even as a child, I loved cleaning the windows. And yes, the other day, as I was doing just that with a handy new tool, I was also on the phone with Michael (and Molly) and they were very amused about the joy I got from it.
Why the windows? No idea. Maybe because it’s not something you do every day and you see the result right away, and probably the result is seen for a while after one is finished.

Laundry is also a long time favourite. Seperating the laundry by colour, having the washing machine do it’s magic, hanging the clothes and then folding them together – in different piles (all towels in one, all underwear in another). I have a system on how the laundry has to be hung. Perfected over the years, making sure I get all the usage out of the laundry rack.
The putting away part is not as much fun, but alright. Ironing, on the other hand, I will push off for as long as I can.

And then there’s my favourite chore. Dish washing.
Not that I complained when I had a dish washer, but it really makes no difference to me. Washing the dishes is calming for me. The hot water, the soap, the foam, the dishes that become clean. And when all is dry, I can put the dishes away and wash more dishes.
Doing the dishes also gives me a few minutes to myself.
I even do the dishes when I’m over at a friend’s house or at the office.
But I have a real problem with someone doing the dishes at my place. Well, as with the laundry, I have a system and know the best way and order of how the dishes need to be washed and placed on the drainer.

Watching anyone else put up the laundry or do the dishes, even when it’s not in my home, makes me nervous. I need to keep myself from getting up and takeing over.

So, Paris.
The fascination of watching him do the dishes, was not that a man was doing the dishes. It was how calm I was watching him. I enjoyed the view and not only because I enjoy watching him do anything. I specifically enjoyed the way he washed up. And yes, it was even arousing.
You know why? Because he was doing it the right way. I mean, the way I would’ve.

There is another household chore I would love to see him do, but I still have to figure out why that seems so exciting to me.
I want to see him wash the floors.
And I’m still waiting for that video…

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  1. I know I know but I have to catch him in action and I keep mentioning the floor but so far no luck.

    Oh and as for laundry…. he does terrible things with t-shirts and socks. He is chaos when it comes to folding laundry


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