Good morning my little cunt and welcome to Mean Day…. I look forward to focusing all my attention on you.

That was the message I woke up to. Althought Mean Day started at a minute past midnight, nothing mean happened before I was sent to sleep. On the opposite! There were declarations of love and reassurances that our love is unconditional. No matter what.

We had been planning a Mean Day for a while, but local life, a certain pandemic and nasty, spiteful people on the Internet forced us to move it to a later date. The head space had to be right, for both, as it can be an extremely intense day.

It was different for me this time. For many reasons. We were closer, emotionally. And it wasn’t the first Mean Day. I knew what to expect – thr framework. It was clear when it starts and ends (which I think was important fir my mind).

So I woke up to those words.

There’s something special about being called “cunt”. Obviously not as a general thing. I get extremely upset, when named “cunt” in a normal setting. But by the right person, under the right circumstances… It is very powerful and puts me into a very submissive mood – if done correctly.

I have said it before, I am a sucker for words. And I believe that also made the difference between this Mean Day and the ones before. On pervious Mean Days there were moments where I felt, well, differently. It is hard to describe. More submissive maybe. My mind was in a different state. And whenever that happened, it had to do with words.

I get special tasks on Mean Days. Or regular, daily tasks become stricter or a bit different. And I enjoy that. But it’s not what makes Mean Day so special for me. (Please note that I’m only speaking about me, not about him.)

For all day he didn’t call me by my name or “my little slut” or “my love”. It always was “cunt”. (Exept the occasional slip up – which was totally planned, as he’d like you to believe.)

All the tasks and additions were not half as effective as the words. But it is a thin line between putting my mind in that wonderful state of submissiveness and bring so mean that I start pushing away.

Looking back, the latest Mean Day was a success. Even with the two day drop the followed. Or maybe because if it.

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