Happiness in Submission

Happiness in Submission

…and when they are blue, and cloudy, and every other moments of my life.

Pretty much a week ago I had one of my wonderful moments. Not one where I feel like I’m not enough, but one where I questioned whether Sir Was getting everything he wanted and dreamt of. That resulted in him giving me the task of coming up with ways to show him that I am happy to be his submissive. One of the ways was that I would post something every day on here to show him that I am. Today is the last day and because I am who I am I decided that we can’t do without a list.

I am happy to be your submissive Sir, because:

  • You love me
  • You care for me
  • You make me laugh
  • You know when to be strict
  • You keep up with my weirdness
  • You are there when I am free
  • You guide me so wonderfully
  • You’re pantient
  • You’re showing me a D/s I always dreamt about
  • You make sure I am safe
  • Your voice allows me to slide right into my submissiveness
  • One look and I remember my place
  • You are interested to learn all the strange things I deal with
  • You understand my situation and never complain
  • My opinion matters to you a great deal
  • You explain things over and over to me
  • With you I can be myself
  • You respect me

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