Caressing LDR-style

Caressing LDR-style

When it comes to being touched, I’m not necessarily a big fan. Not because something ever happened to me. It’s more about other people invading my space. I want to be the one who decides who is touching, hugging, caressing me. And when. It is different with some people. Especially when it comes to the man I love. It’s one of those rare occasions where I am the one longing for physical contact. I want to touch, kiss, feel.

Feeling his touch on me, any part of me, is perfect. The situation doesn’t matter really. Whether it’s while we’re out looking for food, sitting across from each other drinking coffee or when I’m sleeping next to him.

Being in a LDR makes caressing and being caressed a little bit more complicated. But still, there’re always plans on when we’ll be together again and will be able to touch.

With the current situation, being in a LDR is horrible. When will either be allowed to travel? And is travelling to other countries safe? Especially if it’s the UK…

To not even have the possibility to make plans, makes everything so much harder. It also makes the longing for his touch way more powerful.

But I have realised that there is another way, in which I feel caressed, hugged, loved. I have said it before and I will say it again and again. I am a sucker for words. It’s the words that caress me. With his words he takes me in his arms, holds me, kisses me, loves me. Its not “just words”.

I am being caressed with words.

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