Touch Me

Touch Me

I think, I’ve written about this before. I am not a big fan of others touching me. I don’t really hug my friends or anything like that. To be honest, one thing I actually liked about having my birthday during Corona was that random people wouldn’t hug me.
It’s not that don’t enjoy it ever. But I need it to be on my terms and only by people I want to be touched by and at the time I want it. Everything else feels like an invasion of my personal space.

This is my dance space. This is your dance space. I don’t go into yours, you don’t go into mine. You gotta hold the frame.

Johnny Castle

Now, I can be very different. Whether it’s a conscious decision to be physically close to a person or a not so conscious one. I remember Michael mentioning on the morning after first night together, how he loved that I was cuddly and wanted to snuggle up with him as I was asleep.

My first thought as I read the topic for the KOTW, was to go back to a post I had written recently, about washing him. Only after a while I realised that there might also be a different side to it. Not where I wash or groom him, but where it is done to me.

In Michael’s post for KOTW he talks about shaving me, brushing my hair, and I am sure there are many more ideas he might have. And yes, my reaction was what he described.
When he asked whether he could brush my hair, my first thoughts were “Why?” and “WTF”. I like to think that my answer was a bit less rude. But the conversation and his post got me thinking.

When I think about all those things in a D/s context, the part of me that likes to serve and loves to serve, jumps right in. And when I think of that scene at the end of in The Secretary, where he takes her upstairs, baths her, washes her hair, it always seemed to me more like aftercare. The idea that somebody brushes my hair, paints my nails, does any of those things – without being paid for – seemed almost absurd. Even more so in a D/s setting, with the D doing the grooming. But it only seemed absurd in the first moment. The more I thought about it the more I realised that I would actually enjoy it. I know I would be reluctant at first, there’d giggling and massive eye rolling. But at the end, when that brush will touch my hair, when his soapy hands will get to every part of my body, when the razor will shave off the first bit of hair, I know I will calm down, close my eyes maybe and enjoy it.

It doesn’t even need to be a D/s context, not even a sexual one. It’s caring and being cared for.

And btw, as I was reading his post and getting excited about him shaving me, I realised that I had experienced that years ago and I even have proof:

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  1. Bee

    I have to admit, the thought of having my hair brushed and being washed leaves me cold! I’m not a bit fan of being touched and being fiddled with and preened just doesn’t sound like fun.

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