Lack of Flogging

Lack of Flogging

Writing about flogging is a hard one for me. Not so much because of my experience, but the lack of it. I have not experienced a lot of flogging, as the cane and my all time favourite, the hand.

I even had to ask Michael whether he had brought a cane with him last time I saw him and I was very surprised to learn that he did. He did mention thought that he didn’t use it, as the one he has requires a larger swinging space than we had in the cute little space we stayed at.

He also told me that he had used it when we met back in December. For a while I wondered why I had no recollection of it, but it made sense. There were so many new experiences packed into those few days, only the highlights stayed remembered.

Thinking back to previous relationships and experiences, I am sure a flogger was used on me. But it somehow never left a permanent impression.

The flogger in the image is mine. I got it from a good friend for my birthday, many years ago. And it has not been used on me or anyone else for that matter.

I think all of this needs to be changed. And seeing that the place we are going to stay at in two weeks has plenty of space, I will need to experience his flogger again.

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